Front Walkway, Pillars, Landscaping, and Coastal Source Outdoor Lighting - Ridings at Cream Ridge

Project Information:

Estimated Project Cost (2019): ± $50,000

Estimated Project Duration: 3-4 days (not including inspections and permits)

Project Location: Cream Ridge, NJ

Completion Date: 04/2019


Remove the original builders’ pedestrian front yard design and change it to suit the more modern tastes of the homeowners.


Remove the existing concrete walkway and generic landscaping. In addition, build two Fieldstone pillars to frame the entrance of the driveway and matching Fieldstone pillars at the beginning of the walkway. The walkway was replaced with a paver walkway featuring Techo-Bloc Chestnut Brown Flagstone 60 pavers and a Techo-Bloc Onyx Black Villagio border. Tying everything together, we installed Techo-Bloc Chestnut Brown Blu 45 Overlay pavers on the existing concrete front porch. The new front step uses the same Chestnut Brown Flagstone 60 pavers as the walkway, Techo-Bloc Chestnut Brown Venetian Slate risers, and (Insert name) caps.

Helping to bring the front of the house to life at night, we installed a full complement of Coastal Source outdoor low-voltage landscape lighting. Highlighting the front of the house and several specimen plants are Coastal Source MR11 up-lights. Setting off the new front walkway is a handful of Coastal Source Path Lights with Mushroom hats.

Landscaping was important to our clients. To keep the landscape design simple and elegant, we installed a mix of perennials, fill plants, boulders, and a handful of specimen plants highlighted with landscape lighting.