We recently completed an entire landscaping, patio, and pool deck design for a client in Marlboro, NJ.

Our clients wanted an entire make over of their backyard in Marlboro, NJ. Our designers put together a complete landscape design for the backyard including a new patio, steps, pool deck, and pool coping.

Patio & Pool Deck, Materials Used:

  • 2,500 sq. ft. of Techo-Bloc Blu 60 Harvest Gold pavers for the main patio and pool deck
  • 300 lft. of Techo-Bloc Parisien Chocolate Brown pavers for the patio and pool deck border
  • 103 tons of DGA (quarry process tone) material
  • Geotextile permeable separation fabric for enhanced longevity of patio and to help eliminate settling of the patio

Pool Coping Materials, Used:

Main & Secondary Steps, Materials Used:

  • Main Steps & Landing:
  • Secondary Steps & Landing:
    • Total of 25 sq. ft. of Techo-Bloc Mini Creta Wallstone Harvest Gold pavers for the steps and Chocolate Brown treads. This includes a 16 sq. ft. landing.


  • Grade, seed, and fertilize new lawn area
  • 12′ x 16′ Railroad Tie perimeter for the shed area
  • Various fill pants around the pool
  • Several Arborvitaes behind the pool

Total Cost: $35,000 – $45,000 before taxes.

Landscaping and Fence Gate Everett Court Marlboro NJ 2017

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Pool Deck & Coping Refresh in Manlapan, NJ